EOS is a young Italian company founded in year 2000 when a small metalwork manufacturer met the amusement business. EOS products nowadays are sold all over the world.

After a few years, thanks to our continuous investments on Research and Development,we succeeded in making our way into the amusement ride world becoming the undisputed leader in this business.
Starting from 2008 here at EOS we continue revealing our dynamic presence and innovative ideas, two important factors that are still our signature in anything we do.
EOS was originally born as an amusement rides factory. Many of our innovative products have been recently patented and honoured with numerous international awards. These successes encouraged us to push beyond our own limits, using our know how to design and manufacture entire park solutions. This is why EOS is also one of the most respected suppliers and partners in the amusement industry.

EOS’ Business Strategy imposes a strict selection of raw materials and components, constant attention to the most severe security regulations, a friendly but always professional relationship among employees and customers, providing ad hoc solutions and granting an incomparable after sales service.
The result: impeccably manufactured products, unique Made-in-Italy design, passion and commitment to our work, and overwhelming enthusiasm.

In other words, our Company philosophy is based on 3 pillars and main concepts:

1. EOS is forever
Customers who approach for the first time the EOS world remain impressed by our work and decide to establish relationships that go beyond a single project.
The customer who makes EOS his choice knows he can count on a team of professionals who provide expert advice, ongoing communication throughout the entire design and production process, and a constant and personalized after sales service.
EOS is an always present partner for its customers, ready to meet every need and provide a unique service, always suitable for every customer.

2. 100% Made-in-Italy
The quality of EOS products comes from careful selection of the finest italian raw materials. The few components which are not Italian, are manufactured in Germany.
This ensures perfection in making our products more durable. Our attention to the selection and to the quality of raw materials has enabled our technicians to develop excellent machines, that meet the most strict European standards. In every stage of the process, from the selection of supplier to the final product, we aim to ensure the best quality on the market.
On the other hand, the company’s masterful engineering knowledge blends perfectly with the fine taste of the Italian style: The unique and eclectic style of EOS fits perfectly with the customer’s needs, creating unique attractions every time.

3. Be innovative
EOS has always looked towards the future, which is why the key word in our whole creative process is innovation.
Our goal is to design exciting attractions, innovating the traditional rides of the past or creating from scratch something never seen before. How we do it: not focusing on the single improvement, but rather on the whole picture first. What is still missing in the amusement world? What do our customers need? And above all, what can we do to provide the best quality and, at the same time, the most surprising solutions?
These guidelines help us set our Vision and the appropriate mindset that drives our team towards innovative thinking.
It’s exactly thanks to the innovation of process and product that EOS succeeds in developing products that continue to surprise the whole entertainment industry: in fact numerous prizes and awards have been won, on an international level, in recent years.

EOS' factory is located in Treviso, in northern Italy (30 Km north of Venice). Besides the main offices (850 sq/m) is the workshop, which covers an area of 10000 sq/m.
Today EOS has put together a great team of 48 highly specialized professionals: mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, graphic designers, software designers, certified welders, high-level mechanics and skilled electricians; one sculptor, one recognized painter, 1 professional in fibreglass working.
With our representative in Asia, Europe and Russia, EOS is creating a dynamic and active network in order to provide specific assistance to all our customers all over the world. Financial stability and high-level competences of our Company allow EOS clients to benefit from an outstanding partner, which has control on entire projects, starting from benchmarking, continuing with feasibility studies, design, sponsors and investors research, and, obviously, the whole realization process: our themed attractions are the real added value of the amusement park.