EOS in the only company who has designed and completely built a number of indoor and outdoor theme parks in different parts of the world.
EOS provides turn-key solutions for complete parks, and assists the client in these projects with an highly professional approach, which goes through the following steps:

1. Market Analysis

Identifying the potential flow of clients, divided by age group and gender, their purchasing power and Pre capita Income, their purchase behaviors.

2. Competitors Analysis

Checking the location of the competitors, the offers and services available on the target market, the range of influence in relation to the distance from the exact location where the new park is to be built.

3. Creating an Identity

Together with the client, a "theme" is chosen which will identify the new park, making it highly recognizable and unique. All the buildings, the structures, the rides, and every single element of the park will be coherent with the chosen theme, working in harmony to create the clear concept of a unique and different world. Identity also refers to the name of the park, its logo, its mascot, the uniforms, the merchandise and everything which combines and integrates to create an highly different experience.

4. Business Plan

Based on the data of the market, a business plan is studied in details, analyzing all the different costs (investments, infrastructures, logistics, staff, marketing...), the expected revenue performances, the time to reach the break-even point. Among the other services, EOS can help the client in getting financial facilities, proven the financial solidity of the client.

5. Start Up

Besides the supply of rides, EOS can help the clients in all the civil works, decoration, sub-structures, and everything needed to open a new park. EOS helps the client in the selection and training of a staff, who will run and manage the park, and assists the client in the whole start-up.

Besides the services mentioned above, in some cases EOS is available to discuss the option of investing in the project, thus becoming a financial partner and stakeholder.

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