THE GIANT APE ADVENTURE, a whole adventure set, featuring a Customized spinning coaster, an immersive Dark ride experience, and the World BIGGEST Animatronic. The whole set is installed on top of an existing building, in Tunisia, Hammamet City, Carthageland Theme Park.

The coaster, 280 m long, and reaching a maximum linear speed of 60 km/h, features a train of 5 spinning cars, and the track develops on t op of the building, and all around the Giant Ape animatronic.

The Giant Ape figure was designed and carved based on studies of natural science and animals documentary films, to reach a very realistic effect. It is the biggest animatronic ever built, reaching a total height of 13 m! The ape rises its back to its full extensions, rises its arms and punches its breast in anger, while its head turns, the mouth opens with fierce roars, and smokes from its nostrils. After the crazy run and the close approach with the roaring ape, the train enters a closed area, where visitors are taken into a mysterious jungle, meet the hostile inhabitants and the perils of the jungle (a dark ride experience featuring real 3D scenery, projections and video mapping content).